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I would add a CD/DVD drive to my laptop so I could play The Sims 3, burn CD's of my favorite music, and watch DVD's! ;]

Anyways, I went school shopping today! :D I got school supplies at Target, and a couple of shirts and a two pairs of flip-flops at Kohl's.  After that we went home to go to the park for a neighborhood potluck~! :] As soon as I got there I SWORE I saw a certain person by the name of Matt Christie...D:< But luckily it wasn't, just some dude that looked like him! Whew! xD I got to see my neighbor's ADORABLE puppy named James!~ :3 I also got to eat a cheeseburger which is always a plus for me~ x3 Then I went home to put away my school supplies into my FAVORITE backpack! xD Oooooh! SO EXCITING~! xP

I can't WAIT for Friday because that's SANTA CRUZ DAY~! *0* We're going to be putting Diamond in a kennel in my hometown, Hayward. I hope Diamond will be alright, besides missing us like crazy! D': Man, when we get her back she's GONNA FREAK! Oh! I'll be getting you guys something picked ESPECIALLY by Kori, Lulu and Kikyui-chan~! ;] 

Yosh, this ends today's entry! Bye-bye~! 

Writer's Block: For your viewing pleasure

What was the best movie of the year so far? Does it have the potential to become a classic?

The best movie I've seen so far....It has to be my FAVORITE movie Kick-Ass! Man, was that an epic early Birthday present! *0* The characters are amazing, plot is wonderful (especially if you like superheroes like me! ;D), and the action and fight scenes were literally KICK-ASS! x3 I can't wait to get my own copy on August 3rd! <3 I also really enjoyed Iron Man 2 even though I didn't watch the first movie....I think I fell asleep...? xD  I REALLY wanna watch Inception along with Scott Pilgrim!~  :]

There's a party in my bedroom!

By party I mean only me, now that my cat left me....D; 

Anways, what's Kori been up to lately you ask? Nothing much, laying around the house, playing The Sims 3, watching anime from the computer onto my TV, etc. Speaking of anime, lately when I watch The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya I've been singing along with the OP and the ED and I know every WORD! :O That's wierd because I've only heard Bouken Desho Desho? a few times and I haven't heard Hare Hare Yukai in forever....MINDTRIP~! The other day I did my verison of Haruhi and Mikuru, my Mikuru was eh....BUT MY HARUHI WAS AWESOME~! *0* Lol, my Yuki sucked! I couldn't do her voice at all...xP

Oh! I finally changed my Featured Video on Youtube!~ ;D I bet Kikyui's happy, she doesn't have to pause Miku anymore before she goes, "WATASHI NO KOI O~!" xD It's now NO, Thank You! by Ho-kago Tea Time!~ That has to be my ABSOLUTE favorite K-ON! ending! <3 And if you were wondering why the song is called "NO, Thank You!" besides the lyrics, FEAR NO MORE~! x]

T-Tainaka Ritsu
H-Hirasawa Yui
A-Akiyama Mio
N-Nakano Azusa
K-Kotobuki Tsumugi

There you have it~! It took me a quick second and the help with a Youtuber to figure this out. xP

*Kori feels like adding a picture*

  Turkey UNMASKED~! <3

*Laughs at inside joke between me and Kikyui-chan* xD
 Alrighty then, looks like I'm done! 'TIL NEXT TIME FOLKS~! *Flies off*